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Create a Smart customizable page designed to showcase your online presence; one link, unlimited redirections

Why Kuiqlink?

Design it, link it, share it!

As Easy as 1 2 3

Why create a website and go through a lot if you can simply create a Smart page with different type of content?

  • Add Links, videos, social media posts etc.
  • Blog RSS, Images, social accounts & messengers
  • Design it the way you want... your brand, your look
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Take control

Tired of the free plans of the big URL shorteners! well, we feel you. Kuiqlink helps you shortne URLs, use your own domain, target and retaget your customers as you want using different pixels and many more

  • Add your own domain and use it
  • In-depth analytics of each URL performance>
  • Schedule URLs and set clicks limit
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The Only link you need

Unlike others, Kuiqlink gives you full control of your Smart page and your content, from the design and the look, to the domain used; that`s right! you can simply add your custom domain, we know you prefer your URL to be mysite.com/username

  • Load your page and share it
  • Use the built-in QR generator for your page
  • You manage the performance, we take care of the rest
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Easy Integration

Multiple options to choose from when it comes to loading your Smart page with media or integration

Why Kuiqlink?

A Smart Page that can keep up with your online content

Customize it

You can easily play around with the look and feel of your Smart page; change colors, fonts, even your unique URL

Load it

Add almost every possible content that you have, from Youtube videos to custom HTML code... all this can be done in matter of seconds

Share it

Share your Page URL anywhere you want,or even generate a QR code for an easy access. All from the same dashboard

Custom domains

Your Page... your brand; easily setup your custom domain to get more trust from your visitors

In-depth stats

Working blindly is a waste of efforts; get deep insights of your views and clicks to see what works and what doesn`t.

Did we say Pixels?

Yes, Add pixels from popular platforms and use the results to retarget users and get more conversion, more reach.

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You can always contact us if you can not find an answer to your questions

Simply you need Kuiqlink if you want to build an elegant Smart landing page/portfolio but with less hussle; For individuals, you can simple create a Smart Page and add all you online presence there (social account, favourite music/videos ...etc) For Brands the choice is wider as you can create or embed almost everything in your Smart page.
Basically gather all your details on the internet under one beautiful page and share it anywhere you want

Yes, we do, and it`s forever FREE
Once you sign up you will automatically be on the Trial Plan (no Credit card required) for a certain period of time to try out all the premium features of Kuiqlink.
Once the Trial is over you have the option to go for a Paid plan or stick with the Free plan with limited features (these features might be more than enough, try it out!)

Short, we give you full control of your Smart page without restricting you to stick to our brand or design guidlines; we believe in transparancy and we support our brand by giving our users the right to showcase only their brand

Yes we do, our affiliate program is available to you once you sign up; simply bring friends and family to Kuilqink and get aid for that ... If you need more information, You can contact us always at support@kuiq.link

We are serving now more than 4000 enterpreneur, agency and individual. Join us now and get the most of this useful tool

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